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    Q: Do You Have Free Shipping? 

    A: Currently, Yes. No code necessary.

    Q: What is the goal of Just Keep Learning Shop? 

    A:  We get spammed all the time at our website and social accounts with brand deals, coaching and pyramid schemes that we would rather not be a part of. E-Commerce gives us an opportunity to provide products and services that are simply optional while providing FREE content on our platforms. We also love creating ideas you come up with like posters, artwork, etc that can support the business. Thanks so much. 

    Q: Why is it worth it? 

    A: To shop from a tiny company, you make a statement that you stand behind being unique, being proud and supporting the underdogs of the world.

    Q: Do you only sell Made In Canada?

    A: No, but we do try to support our home when possible. Some products that you can purchase are 100% Made In Canada, however, we have many products with different origins.

    Q: Where do you ship? 

    A: Currently we only ship in North America, but are testing the ability to go global at a reasonable cost. Please, if interested to purchase outside NA we would love to hear from you 

    Q: Do you take recommendations and feedback? 

    A: Absolutely! Given the constraints to small companies, the more ideas and support the better, just hit up our Contact and let us know what you're thinking. We love working with you and for you. 

    Q: Do you accept returns?  

    A: The short answer is yes.
    On products with Free Shipping Customers pay the Return Shipping Fee. Please email us a return request at with the following info and we will reply with return instructions:

    Reason For Return 

    The long answer is that returns are not accepted in the same way as bigger shops. As a small company, we take pride in delivering quality products and in our customer’s choosing to support local. That said, we are great people who are here for you, so if you have any concerns what so ever please do contact our customer service and we will get to solving it in the best way possible for you.